Saturday, 6 April 2013

It's fun to sometimes go to the YMCA...

For the past couple days between sporadic internet connections, I looked for a picture of active seniors. I Googled images of seniors in fitness classes, using weights, riding bikes, swimming... you get the idea.


For two weeks, I have been living athletically... in Florida.

Working out alongside a very active bunch of folks, most of whom had at least 30 years on my 40 plus years was a privilege and an inspiration.

While visiting my parents, who are "snow birds" in Florida, I attended the friendly YMCA with my Dad and Mom.

My parents are not crazy active, they are balanced active.

We did a Gentle Fitness Class with more than 75 seniors. The class was so inclusive, all ages, including very old, and all abilities. All my joints, including hips, knees, elbows, wrists, fingers and toes were gently worked out.

It was beautiful.

We did an aerobics class, with "grapevine," it made me laugh inside, it felt vintage.

Classic aerobics.

Listening closely was important because we were kicking this way and that way, hoping and jumping. There was sweating and our heart rates were up and I was happy.

Great mind/body workout.

Spin class was so fun and funny.

It was pitch dark, except for a roped cord of lights along the floor and the glow of the computer that showed us the "terrain." We were cycling "up hill" to classic 80's tunes. Jon Bon Jovi, was singing that "we're half way there," and the instructor says, "hang in there, we actually have more than half way to go."

Awesome workout.

Though most group classes were tempered for seniors, ironically yoga was not. While we got a good sweat on, I referred to it after as "Speedy Yoga," my husband called it "Yoga on Crack."

'Nuff said.

The spacious cardio centre and well equipped weight room were a delight. I ran my intervals on the treadmill almost daily and had fun with my own workouts using the BOSU ball for squats, shoulders and a version of mountain climbers.

photo credit

Swimming laps beside a huge class of seniors doing aqua-fit was distracting.  I have heard instructors complain about talking in their classes, let me tell you, this was a social free-for-all.

It was hilarious.

The instructor's voice sounded strained from shouting. I thought, give that poor woman a microphone.  Everyone's mouths and bodies were moving. There was evidence of great community being built. That statement feels like a future post.

I know this, we all have lots to look forward to... fitness doesn't stop... it simply changes.

Keep moving everyone, thanks for reading,

ps. those cute folks at the top are my "snow birds"


  1. Your parents are too cute!! : ) Sounds like you had a great time! Glad to hear your visit went well!

  2. Thanks, aren't they?! I washed windows with vinegar and went to the sweetest Easter Sunrise Service, one hour before sunrise, they forgot to google before planning! Loved your post called, "A Readers Story." What a privilege to be in your treasured space.