Saturday, 13 April 2013

Sunshine and Rain, Part I

These are my feet and cycling shoes, post cycling, Summer 2012.

I remember the feeling of taking my feet out of my cycling shoes after a long ride.

Relief, mixed with deep satisfaction.

The clipless pedal system, while not a fashion story, holds my feet securely to allow for the push and pull required on a race bike. This permits your hamstrings to lift through the back half of the pedal stroke and your quadriceps to push through the front half.

The pedal system contributes to efficiency, power and comfort.

This middle aged momma feels like a road warrior. It's a welcome change from the routine of life.

There is something that happens when I ride my bike.  I feel like a happy kid, mostly.

Happy memories of riding my pink banana seat bike, still float through my mind.

Being chased by two dogs, almost daily while riding my pink bike to school, also floats through my mind. They seldom chased me after school. There has been some healing on the dog front. Some.

It's not all sunshine and roses, some rides are harder than others, as in some routes have bigger, longer hills. Being really tired or not well fuelled, can make a simple ride, a challenge, akin to giving birth. I have cried during and after rides.

Still, I love my bike.

It's so comfortable with the carbon seat post, high performance saddle, amazing little bike computer, a GIANT OCR3W, fit exactly to my frame.

Sometimes I feel like I'm floating.

Last cycling season, we used our bikes as often as possible. Daily. Weekends. Vacation.

Pure joy.

Mid season, last year, I purchased new tires, because I had put so much mileage on my bike.

It felt like a positive accomplishment in a mindset not so positive.

Riding took my thoughts off of me and into God's beautiful world. That's a good thing.

We started cycling with another couple, Mike and Jocelyn, a veterinary technician who "dog whispers" to every dog that lunges or barks our way. Thanks God! Together we completed a scenic two day cycling adventure.

This winter, we took our bikes to Florida. (We live in Ontario, Canada)  We loaded them up in the back of our van, along with every other conceivable item, circa The Beverly Hillbillies. Neil drove, took a little detour for a hockey tournament in Lake Placid, NY with our younger son and caught up with me in in Florida. I flew. Yay!

I anticipated the cycling ride from Anna Maria Island to Siesta Key. I planned this sunshine route  in my mind and on-line.  I dreamt about feeling the salty wind on my face and the warm sun on my skin. I looked forward to wearing my comfortable cycling shades, that fit perfectly on my face with my well ventilated helmet.

I was ready to out ride, out race and out last even the fastest little dog.

Clipping into my pedals and exploring this neck of the world, from the perspective of my bike (with my man) was one the happiest things I could imagine doing this March.

Anticipating the feeling of slipping out of my cycling shoes and into flip flops, mid or post ride to check out the beach, while on my epic bike ride was so top of mind.

I barely wanted to Outlet shop. So much was my excitement.

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Neil arrived, we planned our highly anticipated ride for the next day. Sometime between a quick jaunt to a flea market and Shoe Carnival, our locked and secured bikes were stolen.

Stolen from a safe, quiet seniors community.


Keep moving everyone, thanks for reading,

ps. Stayed tuned for Part 2.

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